The Center for International Policy Research (CIPI) in Cuba, with the co-sponsorship of the Latin American Social Council (CLACSO), convenes the VI Conference on Strategic Studies to be held on November 24 and 26, 2021.

The conditions imposed by the Sars-Cov2 pandemic made it impossible to hold the sixth edition of these meetings during 2020. However, this year the organizers of the Conference propose to develop it in virtual format, taking into consideration the persistence of above mentioned conditions that prevent it from being held in person and the urgency of debating old and new dynamics of international relations.

 The world is facing an unprecedented multidimensional crisis. The United States continues its decline as hegemon, while other economies and alliances of countries propose new alternatives in terms of productivity, efficiency, environmental conservation and other global problems.

The acceleration of the use of social and informational networks on digital platforms on which information coexists with disinformation, has led to the massive dissemination of fake news for the purpose of political destabilization in several nations.

COVID19 pandemic has catalyzed ongoing trends and made inequalities more visible within and between countries, fostering the emergence of new areas of dispute, including international cooperation in health matters.

In this context, a new global power map is being created that questions the foundations of the current international order.

The evolution of the possible scenarios arouses the interest of academics, politicians and social leaders, which is why the CIPI invites to debate on these issues at the VI Conference on Strategic Studies.


General Subject: "Health, environmental, political systems and leadership crisis: a scenario of uncertainty for international relations"


  • Axis 1: Health, Environment and Technology as fields of strategic disputes.


  • Axis 2: The new geography of power at the global level. Regional impacts and new alliances.


  • Axis 3: Extreme political speech and denial of reality. Infoxication and the virtual world created from digital platforms.


Participation in the VI Conference will have three modalities:


-The VI Conference will be held in three sessions, with a panel of recognized experts in each of them.

-Presentation of written works on the thematic lines raised, the publication of which on the CIPI website will be considered by the Organizing Committee of the event.

-Virtual assistance to the debate sessions of the Conference.


Each debate session will be dedicated to one of the thematic axes raised. Oral and written presentations may be made in both Spanish and English, although translation services will not be offered.


For the participants in any of the three modalities, a certificate will be issued as an assistant, panelist and / or author of the presentation, by email.


Potential participants must submit their works with a maximum length of 8 pages to:, before November 10, 2021.


Other information of interest will be offered through CIPI website and institutional profiles on social networks on a date close to the event.

*IMPORTANT: Deadline extension until November, 19, 2021