Fourth Conference of Strategic Studies

Centro de Investigaciones de Política Internacional

Center for International Policy Research


Fourth Conference of Strategic Studies

“The complexities of a transitioning international order: threats, challenges and opportunities”

The Center for International Policy Research announces its Fourth Conference of Strategic Studies, to be celebrated from October 24th to October 26th, 2018 in the headquarters of the Center for International Policy Research (CIPI), located at 3rd Avenue 1805, Miramar, Playa, Havana, Cuba.

In this meeting for the exchange of ideas we propose the following thematic guidelines.

  1. Globalization v. De-globalization: global issues and trends of international political and economic relations in a transitioning world order.
  2. Global and regional powers. The United States, its international hegemony, its foreign and security policies. Threats, risks and vulnerabilities for developing countries.
  3. The counter-offensive of the oligarchies, right-wing and far right-wing international movements: trends, scenarios and challenges for social movements, progressive forces and left-wing movements in the regional and international context.
  4. Conciliation, cooperation and integration: global and regional trends. Foreseeable scenarios in the short to medium term.
  5. Terrorism and international security: regional trends and impact in International Relations. Foreseeable scenarios.
  6. Communication and Information Technologies in international geopolitics. Threats and cyber-security: challenges for developing countries.

For those interested in participating, you should fill and send via email a copy of the registration form as included below prior to October 1st, as well as a summary of your paper in no more than 250 words. The Organizing Committee will inform applicants and papers chosen in due course. Selected speakers will send their works via email to the Organizing Committee prior to October 23rd. Presentations at every panel should not exceed the 15-minute limit, regardless of the amount of pages included in the paper.

Foreign participants to the Fourth Conference of Strategic Studies must pay an individual registration fee of 150.00 CUC (Cuban currency). Students who present due documentation must pay only 80 CUC. The registration fee must be paid on October 11th, before the event opening.

For hotel and flight booking you can contact Carlos Raúl Horta at CUBATUR Travel Agency, located at 15th Ave between F and G, Vedado, Havana, Cuba.


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Fourth Conference of Strategic Studies

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Fourth Conference of Strategic Studies

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