III Conference of Strategic Studies

III Conference of Strategic Studies

“Transition to a new international order: challenges, threats and opportunities”


The International Politics Research Center (CIPI) announces their III Conference of Strategic Studies “Transition toward a new international order: challenges, threats and opportunities”, to be held from October 11th   to October 13th , 2017 at the premises of the High Institute of International Relations (ISRI), located on Calzada street, between H and I, in Plaza de la Revolución municipality , Havana City, Cuba, in homage to the 50th  anniversary of Ernesto Che Guevara´s physical disappearance and the foundation of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO). This event will be sponsored by the High Institute of International Relations "Raúl Roa García" and the Latin American Council of Social Sciences.

In this meeting of reflection and exchange of ideas, it is intended to propose the following focal points:


  1. International order in transition. Global problems and trends of the political and economic relations worldwide.
  1. Poles of global and regional power. The United States as the hegemonic core of its foreign policy and safety.
  1. Reconfiguration of the political map of Latin America and the Caribbean, in the new regional context.
  1. Challenges of the social movements and progressive political left- wing forces before the offensive tactic of the right- wing world- wide.
  1. Agreement, cooperation and international integration. Probable scenarios in a medium –term period.
  1. The communication and the new technologies of the information in the international geopolitics.
  1. Conflicts. World-wide and regional peace. 


The people interested in participating in the event should send via- email to the Organizing Committee the registration form enclosed in the announcement before September 4th, as well as a summary of their paper work in no more than 250 words. The Organizing Committee will inform the applicants, the paper works chosen in due course. The selected speakers will send their works via- email to the Organizing Committee before September 29th. The presentations in the panel should not exceed 15 minutes regardless of the quantity of pages of the paper work.

Foreigner participants to the Third Conference of Strategic Studies should pay an individual registration fee of 150.00 CUC (Cuban currency). The students who present their respective documentation will pay 80 CUC. The registration fee will be made on October 11th before the opening of the event.


For hotel and flight booking you can contact Lic. Daynis Hernández López, from the travel Agency POSEIDON, located in the building Gómez Vila, 5th floor, room 502, Old Square, Havana, Cuba.

E-mail: reservashav1@poseidonviajes.com


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For additional information, please contact:


PhD: Adalberto A. Ronda Varona                                              MSc. Santiago Pérez Benítez

President of the Organizing Committee                                     Vice-president of the Organizing Committee      

ronda@cipi.cu                                                                            stgo1@cipi.cu

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MSc. Jasely Fernández Garrido                                               BSc. Lourdes Gortazar Marrero

International Relations Committee                                             Public Relations ISRI

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