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Call for Papers 7th Conference on Strategic Studies

mayo 25, 2022   0

The Center of Research on International Policy (CIPI), with the co-sponsorship of the Latin American Social Council (CLACSO), convenes the 7th Conference on Strategic Studies to be held from October 26 to 28, 2022.

The transition from an international order based on the rules imposed by a declining hegemonic power to another situation that has not yet been defined, reveals geopolitical tensions, disputes over spheres of influence, redefinition of alliances, escalation of conflicts, manipulation of information and an unprecedented multidimensional crisis.

To preserve its leadership, the United States appeals to sanctions and exclusions, exacerbates conflicts outside its territory even at the expense of the economic interests of its allies. At the same time, the overlapping effect of the pandemic and the conflict taking place in Eastern Europe accelerates the trends that point towards multipolarity.

The 7th Conference of Strategic Studies invites to debate on how new alliances and regional hegemonies can generate changes in the structures and formats of decision-making on a global scale. In this sense, the alternatives and proposals made from the Global South can contribute to the construction of a more just, equitable and peaceful world.

The topic that will focus the debates of the academic event will be: «Poles of power, multilateralism and dilemmas of the transition to a new international order».

Thematic axes:

  1. Geopolitics, conflicts and redefinition of alliances. Global and regional impacts.
  2. Articulation and proposals from the Global South. Multilateralism under debate in the transition of the international order.
  3. Topics on the global and regional agenda in a context of transition: migration, debt, climate change, health and technology.
  4. Extreme political speech and manipulation of information. ‘Infoxication’ from digital platforms.

The event will take place under a hybrid format and participation will have three modalities:

  • Presentation of papers in panels and special interventions.
  • Written works and posters, whose publication on the CIPI website will be considered by the Organizing Committee of the event.
  • Virtual or face-to-face attendance at the Conference sessions.

An electronic certificate will be issued to those who participate as attendees, panelists and/or authors of papers or posters. A selection of accepted papers will be published on CIPI website. Oral and written presentations and posters may be made in both Spanish and English, although translation services will not be offered.

Potential participants must submit their proposals with a maximum length of 8 pages to: before September 15, 2022, including their name and surname, scientific degree, institution and thematic axis in which the paper is submitted.

Other information of interest will be offer through CIPI website and institutional profiles on social networks.

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