CALL FOR PAPERS 8th Strategic Studies Conference

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The Center for International Policy Research (CIPI), with the co-sponsorship of the Latin American Social Council (CLACSO), convenes the 8th Strategic Studies Conference to be held on September 27-29, 2023.

The world is going through a period of overlapping transitions. The old global order, dominated by the United States and its allies, is being challenged by the emergence of new actors with the capacity to modify the balance of power. We are witnessing the decline of traditional powers and the rise of others that are gaining the capacity to influence decision-making on global issues. In order to preserve its leadership, the United States responds by fueling conflicts outside its territory and resorts to the multilateralization of sanctions and ‘maximum pressure’ policies.

The breakdown of old alliances, the emergence of new partnerships and the reshaping of existing ones are accompanied by transformative economic, associative and security dynamics that threaten to shake the foundations of US hegemony.

These tectonic shifts in the international relations landscape pose at the same time a complex and challenging scenario of uncertainty and risks, but also of opportunities for the underdeveloped world, and reinforce the need to redesign institutions, rules and forms of action to achieve the transition to a more just and truly equitable global order.

The 8th Strategic Studies Conference invites researchers, professors, analysts, students and the general public to deepen the discussion of these and other issues relevant to the broad spectrum of international relations. The debates will be articulated around the central theme «Transforming the international order: challenges of transition and proposals from the South» and will address the following thematic lines:

  • Redistribution of global power: alliances and partnerships.
  • Poles/Centers of power and ‘spheres’ of influence
  • Geopolitical conflicts and tensions
  • Energy geopolitics
  • Environment, climate change and energy transition
  • Militarization, security and defense
  • Political processes and correlation of forces
  • De-dollarization
  • Globalization and regionalism
  • Financing development
  • Economic dynamics and inflationary pressures
  • Technological competition
  • Communication and political discourse
  • Digital social networks and information manipulation
  • Multilateralism and its agenda
  • Sanctions and unilateral coercive measures
  • Migratory tensions
  • Proposals and alternatives from the South

The event will be held in virtual format and participation will take place under two modalities:

  • Presentation of papers in panels and special interventions.
  • Presentation of written papers, whose publication on the CIPI website will be considered by the Academic Committee of the event.

An electronic certificate will be issued to those who participate as panelists and/or authors of papers. A selection of accepted papers will be published on the CIPI website.

The papers must be between 5 and 8 pages in length and should be sent to the e-mail address before August 25, 2023, including the name and surname, scientific degree, institutional affiliation and country of origin of the authors. Authors will be notified of the acceptance of their proposals by September 10, 2023.

Any additional information will be disclosed through the CIPI website ( and its institutional profile on Twitter (@CIPICuba).

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